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This is the second in a series of stories the Bay Area News Group will publish about California high school and youth sports that are currently on hiatus. As I joined the process of writing this story for the first issue, I discovered this video that perfectly illustrates the state of California sports in recent years and the future of sports in general.

After graduating from the University of San Francisco Art Academy, he began his career as a high school prize winner - as a Viking illustrator and graphic designer who illustrates for newspapers, magazines and newspapers in the Bay Area, as well as for television and radio. He has owned and operated local businesses in Palo Alto since 1981 and specializes in high school, junior high, college and professional sports photography and video. We strive to capture the best of California's local, regional, state, and national sports landscape and bring you what matters to you.

The players, founded in 1990, are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and we have been working together for years to enrich our families and communities.

If you're an eighth-grader or high school athlete who wants to try a new sport next year, try to see what you want to try next fall. Examples include surfing at some of the most popular breaks in the Bay Area, such as the Santa Cruz Mountains. Of course, there are great football, baseball and gym camps, and you should not forget to ride.

This 5-day camp covers all aspects of the game, from hitting, pitching, fielding and base running to performing similar techniques and exercises used by the University of San Francisco baseball program. The Palo Alto Course will take place on Saturday, May 20, from 10 a.m. to noon on the baseball field of San Mateo High School.

The Palo Alto Chapter also hosts an annual summer camp for existing and new patients at San Mateo High School. To learn more about the program and its activities, visit its Facebook page and Twitter @ Palo AltoBaseballSports.

The Oakland Panthers are on the verge of playing in the National Football League and are looking to fill the hole left by the Raiders' departure. The Bay Area is home to two professional football teams, San Francisco City FC and the San Jose Earthquakes, both of which play at Levi's Stadium. Both teams will play their home games at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, home of the NFL's Oakland Raiders, and have also partnered with lacrosse development and travel team programs that participate in regional and national tournaments. Supporters - Owner San Diego United FC, founded in 2001 as part of the SFSFL, plays in the USL League Two in 2016.

Before the 2020 season, the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are now known as the Las Vegas Raiders. The Warriors originally played in Philadelphia but moved to San Francisco in 1962 and have been a San Francisco Giants team since 1988. In addition to the Sharks, there are two other lower league baseball teams in the Bay Area: the California Golden Seals, formerly known as the California Seal and Oakland Sealing, and the San Jose Earthquakes. They play in the Pacific Coast League, a division of Major League Baseball, and play their home games at Levi's Stadium.

The Bay Area has two high school football teams, the San Francisco Dons and the Santa Clara Broncos. Bay Area programming consists of two teams: the San Jose Earthquakes, a division of Major League Baseball, and their home stadium, Levi's Stadium in Palo Alto, and the New York Giants, a Division II football team in San Diego, California; the California Golden Seals and Oakland Sealing, two Division II football teams in Oakland, and two Division III basketball teams; both are located in Santa Cruz, with the Los Angeles Clippers and San Mateo County Warriors, both in Alameda County, and both near the city of San Francisco, along with a third Division I basketball team: the SAN Jose Giants.

In the Bay Area there are six universities, with the University of California, San Francisco, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California Polytechnic State University and UC Santa Cruz. There are at least two football schools in Palo Alto, the San Jose Earthquakes and the Santa Clara Broncos.

Sailors compete for their schools, and San Francisco has an ideal climate for outdoor activities. Other sporting events are hosted by the Bay Area, including the Golden State Warriors, San Jose Earthquakes, Oakland Athletics and the Oakland A's. Events such as the World Cup, Olympic Games and other international sporting events are also being hosted.

Coach Erin Montoya said they had to tread carefully when Santa Clara County recently passed a rule prohibiting youth teams from playing elsewhere.

The competition was allowed to play out across the rest of the country, much to the chagrin of the coaches. Santa Clara County's ban extended to professional, college and high school sports, prompting the 49ers to move to Arizona and Las Vegas to San Diego for the 2015-16 season. While Maricopa County in Phoenix bans youth sports, Kim said he could consider the youth soccer stronghold of Dallas - a region. Kim expects to return to Arizona when the season restarts early next year, though California authorities are unlikely to allow youth sports.

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