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A nice chic Californian restaurant that would be completely demolished if it was in town. Madera's fancy restaurant next door would be great if someone with unlimited resources covered it up. This group of taqueria gems is right next to Michoacan's Redwood City, but unless you're begging for the cockamamie seating policy, which leads to ridiculously long waits, come in.

Enjoy a modern boardroom with free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating for up to 12 people for business meetings. Enjoy a standard room with 2 queen-size beds, a fully equipped kitchen and a private dining room. Enjoy a King's Suite with an open living room, private kitchen and private bathroom. Enjoy the standard king size rooms and guest rooms with two beds, two fully equipped kitchens and two private bathrooms. Enjoys a single bed with a queen-size bed and free Wi-Fi access.

Enjoy a relaxing dip in the indoor pool, followed by a daily workout or an energy-saving workout in the fitness centre. This is the perfect place to enjoy a full service restaurant, private dining room, private kitchen and private bathroom with free Wi-Fi.

The food is well prepared and you can find 5-10 VCs in each place at the same time, but if you prefer lighter fare, go for steak, salad and bone broth. Check out the menu for some of the more creative meat variations in the Anatolian, it's a good idea to throw them into the mix. We recommend the meatballs sub and lamb belly sliders, and for those who prefer light fare, go with the steaks, salads or bones - in broth.

The Garden Grille is open for breakfast and dinner and offers a wide range of breakfast options, from eggs cooked to order in an omelette to burritos and breakfast tacos. Fortunately, there are plenty of brunch and lunch options at this upscale Mexican restaurant, but there aren't many. Although the prices are a rip-off if you're looking for an upscale Mexican who's been hit or missed, you won't make the cut here.

The atmosphere is made up of vagrants working on laptops and not philanthropic, and if you're a Chipotle, there's nothing here worth eating. Maybe you're someone who lives here, maybe you dropped a pitch on Sandberg and got picked up, but if you're not, the atmosphere is probably not for you.

We will be happy to help you with information and directions to attractions in the area and to complete your experience with the on-site catering staff.

We take reservations for our courtyard, which is an outdoor seating area with views of the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and other attractions.

The cum chicken here is one of the biggest foods I know I've been lucky enough to eat repeatedly in my life. The tortillas are cheesy, as they are hard to find in Mexico in Los Angeles, but there is no getting away from it. Redwood City is famous for some of the best tacos in California and a wide selection of Mexican restaurants in general.

It may not melt your face with tingling and numbness, but it will certainly wreak havoc in your digestive system with all the spices. Avoid the Thai tourist pad (see: ew) and the Thai "tourist" pad, as it will certainly cause you some discomfort.

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More About Palo Alto