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Stanford University announced Friday that it has bought an apartment complex in downtown Redwood City and is expanding its growing presence in Palo Alto, Calif. This comfortable and clean hotel also features inspired Californian cuisine and an unsurpassed location. The experts at Palo - Alto Grill serve California cuisine fresh and offer a variety of options, including a full-service restaurant, bar and lounge, and an outdoor terrace.

Visit the Palo - Alto Museum of Natural History, the San Francisco Bay Area Museum, take the Caltrain to other Northern California attractions and more.

Many of these services are available to guests staying at the Westin Palo Alto during their stay, including free parking, free Wi-Fi, and free food and beverages. Special benefits offer members of the Stanford community special benefits, including accommodations for Stanford students ages 18 to 20, and special discounts for students and faculty.

Pre-sold Payment Options, and learn more about the Westin Palo Alto pre-purchase and post-purchase options. Check out all hotels near Stanford University and compare them to ForRent University or find details of each hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose Bay Area.

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Find out if Stanford students want to rent or sublet an apartment, condo or house and see all the available apartments that can be rented out for them. Check out all available accommodations near Stanford University and the San Jose Bay Area to find the perfect accommodation on campus. Learn about the latest developments in Palo Alto, San Francisco and other parts of the city and the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants to visit. See the most popular hotels near the Stanford campus, such as the Alamo Drafthouse, Golden Gate Park Hotel or the Palo Alto West Hotel on Telegraph Avenue.

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The closest hotel to the university is the Clement Hotel in Palo Alto, which offers great views of Union Square and San Jose Bay, as well as a nice restaurant and bar. The rooms I received as a Preferred Starwood Member were fine, but not as good as some of the other hotels in the area, such as the Westin Hotel. Featuring a spacious lobby with a large lobby area and private dining room, it is a 90-minute drive from Union Square and offers good views of Stanford University.

The Stanford Villa is in a prime location and there is a lively downtown Palo Alto where you can enjoy fine shopping, dining and entertainment. Rome2rio makes it easy to travel to San Jose Bay, San Francisco Bay and other major Bay Area cities. When I lived at Westin Palo - Alto Palo Altos, I lived near the Stanford University campus, which is within walking distance of Stanford Stadium.

re looking for a hotel near Stanford University Arboretum for business or a family vacation, our hotel options are just one click away. We have first-class amenities such as Wi-Fi, private balconies and are one of the only hotels in the Palo Alto area with a private pool. All of our top room amenities come with a card - accepted cards - giving you access to a wide range of amenities, from spa services to fitness, fitness and fitness centers, fitness center and more.

Located next to Stanford University in Palo Alto, this Silicon Valley hotel features an on-site restaurant and a modern fitness center. The Westin Palo - Alto Hotel is located 4 miles from Silicon Valley and offers a wide range of amenities including a private balcony, private pool, ironing service, wake-up service and much more. Palo, Alto hotels offer California cuisine with a variety of local restaurants and bars, as well as a spa and fitness center. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, just steps from Stanford Campus, Restaurant Soleil welcomes you to enjoy Californian cuisine at one of its restaurants.

Dr. Place, which features a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as a spa and fitness centre with private pool.

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