Palo Alto California Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Palo Alto was built in 1972 by architect Clement Chen Jr., and has been renovated over the years, creating a mix of architectural styles. Oakland, CA, an architectural and interior design firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has completed its first major hotel renovation in the United States and is ready in time for the opening of the newest hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Oakland Sheraton Hotel.

To underscore the Sheraton's brand aesthetic, Arcsine was inspired by the surrounding Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area areas, as well as the city of Palo Alto itself. To enhance the aesthetics of its brands, arcsines has taken both Silicon Valley and its surroundings to a new level of luxury.

Arcsine also collaborated with Fairmont Designs to create a wooden canvas with a custom pattern based on the logo of the Sheraton Palo Alto Olmsted Hotel and the San Francisco Bay Area. Arcsines also works with Fairmont designs and has created a wooden wall with wooden umbrellas with custom patterns based on the logos of Santa Clara Valley and Silicon Valley and the headquarters of the Omidyar Network in Santa Cruz, California, glorifying the city skyline.

Arcsine dug up the tree that had been in the center of the room, removed the existing wall that separated the lobby from the bar, and installed a new wooden wall with wooden screens with custom patterns of Santa Clara Valley and Silicon Valley logos. Arcsines dug up the trees that had been at the center of all the rooms. They installed the new wood wall and a wooden screen wall for the Sheraton Palo Alto Olmsted Hotel in San Francisco, California, in collaboration with Fairmont Designs and the Omidyar Network in Santa Cruz, California, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other government agencies in California and Washington, D.C., and also removed an existing wall that separates the lobbies from the bars.

To extend the continuity from lobby to bar, Arcsine brought the walnut lobby to the lounge of the Mühlenbar and continued the creamy porcelain tiles in the lobbies. To expand on this, they chose it and moved it to a Mill Bar Lounge and renovated the existing wooden ceiling by extending the entrance from an outer gate - cochere to a lobby - and reinstating it as a design element.

The bar has been redesigned to resemble the brass bar trolley, highlighting the original design elements, such as the red and white stripes on the walls and the white bar stools. The bar has been reinvented as if it were derived from the brass bar wagons, highlighted by their red, white and blue colours and white-gold accents.

The traditional registration table has been replaced by two custom-made sleeves that allow for more intimate control - and that in the process. Check-ins are friendly and the modernised rooms are available from 14: 00 on the day of check-in.

Hotel staff check in before the lounge closes and receive 500 Starpoints ($2.00) drink vouchers, which are issued as a one-time courtesy upon request. It is not what you want, but we hope that in the future you will expect something different from the old school hotel.

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More About Palo Alto