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For 37 years, George Aviett's Michelin-starred restaurant in a charming Victorian building dating back to the 1890s has been offering an intimate, intimate experience in the fast-paced world of food and drink. Syhabout dishes, prepared with carefully selected ingredients and precise techniques, will cling to your memory, enchant you and will linger long after dinner, when a plate of poached oysters, shaved young coconuts and sweet and sour cream was unveiled. The typical garden course has always been the stunning presentation of the season, but the freshness of the seasonal offerings this year, such as the mango and the pomegranates, as well as a selection of seasonal vegetables, has something special.

Even the dessert course is one of the most upscale you will find in the lounge, and a pastry cart will roll past to look around. The atmosphere is made up of vagabonds working on laptops and not just philanthropic, but also the atmosphere. When you hear Michelin and James Beard talking, it seems that the Bay Area is San Francisco, except for Daring Fireball and everywhere David Kinch hangs around.

Fortunately there are plenty of outdoor seating and a terrace, but you have to accept that there are not many.

If it weren't for the cockamamie policy that results in ridiculously long waits, I would have come back. Madera, the fancy restaurant next door, would be great if someone with unlimited resources had covered everything.

The top 10 is Oakland's Kinch, Michelin - hard, but the rest isn't, so I'll dive into the top 10. Now I would like to announce quickly that OK Manresa tops the list because it is one of the best restaurants in Palo Alto, and one of the best.

The alumni Kokkari and Evvia are responsible for the wine list with a Hellenic focus and for the food. This group of taqueria beads can be found anywhere in Palo Alto, from Michoacan's Bebe Mecca in Redwood City to San Francisco's El Camino Real and even San Jose.

It is a good idea to throw some of the more creative meat variants from Anatolia into the mix, and we recommend the meatball sliders and lamb belly sliders. If you like it lighter, go for a steak salad in bone broth, but the venison is strong. The recent introduction of a Korean rice bowl further increases the lunch action. There are many ways to get ta's, like the chicken and pork belly rolls or the pork belly sliders.

Here, the chicken breast is breaded and fried with shredded phyllo dough and black sesame seeds, which produces an audible crunch. It is served with lightly pickled beets and feta cubes, soaked in a honey-mustard dressing. The rest of the New American menu is full of delicious dishes, such as grilled swordfish with green papaya and grilled portobello with goat cheese and herb salsa. You will love the pork belly sliders with minced meat, pork ribs and chicken breast, as well as the meatballs.

The jerking chicken here is one of the biggest foods I have eaten many times in my life. Avoid the tourist Thai pad and cross the bridge with your friends and fall in love with the sumac - braised chicken, damask chicken (see: ew!). Let's get started, because if you're craving a good old Thai-style chicken with rice shell, you don't want to wait.

The food is baked and well prepared, and you can see 5 - 10 VCs at any one time, but not too many of them in a row.

Maybe it's someone who lives here, maybe there's a parking space at Sand Hill, maybe you ride your bike to a local park or just go for a walk.

A nice chic Californian restaurant that would be completely demolished if it was in town. The ideal restaurant is an upscale neighborhood that serves the absolutely sensational without any claim. It feels effortless, it's a menu - a free experience that allows you to enjoy the wonder of food without any previous expectations or expectations. This is a great option for a potentially awkward date, as you can swivel a few glasses of wine for a more complete meal experience.

You will find meat and seafood eaters at the top of their game list, as well as a meat and seafood eater. You will also receive a commemorative copy of the tasting menu, with each course surprising you with a surprise.

The tortillas are cheesy, which is hardly found in Mexico in Los Angeles, and the prices are a kind of rip-off. If you're in upscale Mexican cuisine that gets hit or missed, this will make the cut for you, but if the tortilla isn't good, the price will make you go.

This Palo Alto restaurant, open at least until 1 am each night, serves the best food and drinks. The crispy local brew is enhanced with roasted pea tendrils and salted beans and the spicy chili sauce. It may not melt your face with tingling and numbness, but it will certainly wreak havoc in your digestive system with all the spices.

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